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Is the AJAX Bullet Coated in Fool’s Silver? Ajax is an odd beast, because it gives a very rich user experience when compared to a traditional web page (Yakov writes wonderfully about this at http://java.sys-con.com/read/163232.htm), however apart from that it’s hard to figure out what is so great about it.  Good technology wins in the long run because of tooling (something Microsoft know and excelt at), so what is the lure of Ajax ?  I think it’s simply that it allows logic be put in one file – in your HTML (or servlet, JSP, ASP or whatever kicks out HTML) you write your server logic and your client logic together.  They get versioned together, a single developer codes them in the same thought thread, and logic is organized in encapsulated way.  Fancier architectures with remote objects and clients talking to back ends often have almost paralle... (more)

Web 3.0 - The Lunatics Have Taken Over the Asylum

Web 3.0 - The Lunatics Have Taken Over the Asylum When the phrase Web 2.0 came out a number of people were sceptical about what it actually means. Being objective, it’s a collection of disparate technologies that make web sites more usable. Everyone wants their user interfaces to look and work better, and most of web developers’ energy over the last decade has been spent focusing on the former. It seems that recently however they’ve decided that it’d be nice to make them actually more usable.  The page based latency of the web’s POST -> get next page... (more)

SWT: A Native Widget Toolkit for Java - Part 2 of 2

The first part of this article (JDJ, Vol. 8, issue 4) introduced the Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT), and showed how graphical user interfaces can be created using some of the basic widgets found in SWT. In addition, layout classes were described that allow widgets to be arbitrarily positioned and sized within their parent. In Part 2, we continue where the previous article left off, describing some of the more advanced controls and concepts, including multithreading in the user interface. We conclude with a brief discussion of SWT graphics. Items Many of the advanced controls in SW... (more)

Harvesting Line-of-Business Java Apps

Other initiatives like JSR 198, whose goal is to describe a common API for extending IDEs, will benefit from interoperability. I hope I've seen the last newsgroup fan war between people who fight about which toolkit is superior. For those of you who are still arguing, Figure 1 shows an SWT shell with an SWT button on the left and a Swing button on the right. Or is it the other way around? For everyone who isn't already doing so, let's all focus back on the real job of building killer apps for our users. This segues into my next subject - the buzz at EclipseCon around the rich cl... (more)

Turkish Java Needs Special Brewing

On a recent trip to Turkey to meet with a customer, I heard a comment that one of the reasons Java is being held back in that country is because of an almost ubiquitous local bug. In the Turkish alphabet there are two letters for "i," dotless and dotted. The problem is that the dotless "i" in lowercase becomes the dotless in uppercase. At first glance this wouldn't appear to be a problem; however, the problem lies in what programmers do with upper- and lowercases in their code. The two lowercase letters are \u0069 "i" and \u0131 (dotless "I") and are totally unrelated. Their uppe... (more)